What is Turbo Mask

                                                              image courtesy to Turbo Mask.

Each TurboMask is an expression of your character, bold and luminous.
To the embracing protection and wear comfort, TurboMask adds confidence and charisma, outstanding among the crowd.
TurboMask likes playful experiences: art, curves, deco, hues and shape. Energetic and fresh, it expresses the personality behind the mask with warmth.
An element of magic comes out from the 7 sizes designed to accentuate face contours, expressing its slender, minimalist and athletic lifestyle.
The prominent center line and arched 3D-geometry create an air pocket under your nose for superior breath and lip comfort.
Ready to wear, the mask embodies the perfect balance of sportiness, variety and safety in style. Monotone or colourful, they are the collection for different occasions. 
Express Yourself.

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